Hello world!

Hello world and, goodbye. LOL

It’s a bit lonely out there without a Twitter or facebook account to announce your new stuff. But, that’s what it was like for me about 14 years ago, when, laughingly I wanted to show off my REALbasic stuff. Now, long forgotten. :\

Still, if you’ve got something to show, it’s always a good idea to direct peeps to your wordpress blog from your Twitter / facebook accounts. 😉

Of course, it would be nice to have a domain name / website and a WordPress page to start off with. Something is missing, methinks (?). To some, it might all seem a bit of a hassle; this having your own online presence, a blog / home page or whatever. Or, is it?

For me, this is more of an experiment, as I have nothing to show off, yet. But, if I did, it would be to show peeps my interest in mnemonics, web page building, languages and the enjoyment of rum and soca music. 🙂